A well-tended garden can be an oasis of tranquillity and beauty, a place for relaxing and recharging the batteries, giving nature a helping hand at the same time. What should never be missing to make it a really unique space tuned into the needs of that environment?

A little vegetable patch

It doesn’t take much to be more sustainable in the kitchen. A little veg patch is definitely the first step. If you have never done it before, start with a small area just for aromatic herbs. That could be a space with plants in pots or a small plot of earth. Rosemary, basil, sage, oregano, chives, parsley…the choice is infinite! All these herbs will turn out to be super-useful in the kitchen and you can freeze or dry them at the end of the growing season, so you’ll have some to use all year round.

If you’ve already got green fingers, you can take things a step further and turn a whole section of the garden into a proper vegetable patch, making sure you practice seasonal rotation. Cucumbers, for example, are a good choice for first-time gardeners!

You’ll find plenty of tips browsing through the magazine, from how to organize it to common mistakes to avoid.

Native plants

We all know that there are beautiful flowers and plants that come from the other side of the world and they create a visually stunning effect. Choosing native plants from your part of the world is, however, a sustainable choice. They can actually attract local insects, enriching the biodiversity. Not only that, being native plants, they will also be more resistant, reducing the need for garden maintenance or use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Pollen-rich plants

As we have already written about in the pastprotecting bees is one way of preserving biodiversity and becoming an incentive for growing fruit, vegetables and much more. Choosing the right plants for the garden is a great help! You can opt for flowers (like tulips, dandelions and sunflowers), aromatic herbs (like chives and basil) or even for trees (like chestnut or acacia).

A sunshade, gazebo or pergola

It’s lovely to bask in the sun, but at certain times of day it is really not advisable. Invest in a shade element, making your choice based on available space, need for maintenance and your local climate.

Adequate lighting

How lovely is it to get together with friends for a nice barbecue for dinner, enjoying a light breeze on summer evenings? Of course you can’t eat in the dark! Unless you’ve got a verandah, you always need lighting accessories. There’s a wealth of solar powered garden lights on sale, which charge up in daylight. It’s just another way to be less wasteful.

Experiment, look after your greenery and add personal details to create your outdoor space. Remember that a garden is a space that develops with you and can help nature, if managed properly!

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