Summer has finally arrived and with it the chance to organize a whole host of summer parties, for whatever reason. Whether it’s a party in the garden or a dinner with friends on the terrace or simply inside your home, decorations are essential: they really help to create the right atmosphere! So why not make them yourself? We’ve put together a selection of simple ideas which will help you make an impact: your parties will be the most envied of the summer!
inviti per party estivo a forma di ghiacciolo
Project © So Festive

Ice-lolly shaped invitations

No summer party would be complete without an invitation, right? They will obviously need to be colourful, like these cardboard ice-lollies above. Alternatively, you could choose a tropical or Hawaiian theme, such as a monstera leaf (the iconic jungle style palm leaf), a coconut or a pineapple.
Project © The Sweet Occasion

“Leftovers” as your table centre-piece

Have you just opened a watermelon, a pineapple or a coconut? Don’t throw away the peel! Clean it out as much as you can, fill it with water and voilà: you’ll have a brand new (disposable) pot.
Project © Young at heart mommy

Vitamin coasters

It’s really easy to draw the cross-section of fruit such as watermelon, lemon and kiwi: so it’s simple to create colourful coasters. They’re great especially if you’re having your summer party indoors.
Project © UHU


Flamingos, crabs, strawberries, bees… with origami and a bit of patience you can recreate almost anything. You can also use them as placeholders, gluing them to the classic wooden kebab skewers
Project © Twinkle Twinkle Little Party

Decorated disposable plates

Even paper plates can become a fun decoration! Just a little bit of coloured card and you can turn them into real suns, as in the example above. So you’ve decided on your decorations but are still undecided on what to offer your guests? Here you will find lots of ideas for starters, first and second courses for the perfect garden party!

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