If you are organising a barbecue with friends or family, and want to offer something different, there is only one trend this year: cocktails!

Mixed drinks can enhance the dining experience and offer a refreshing alternative to traditional barbecue drinks such as beer or wine. In this article, we have collected five cocktails that go unexpectantly well with a barbecue!

Gin and Tonic

This great classic, made with gin and tonic water, is excellent as an accompaniment to red meats (such as beef steak) and grilled rather fatty fish, such as salmon. To enhance the hints, add a few juniper berries to the flavours of your dish.


This cocktail made of vermouth, gin and red bitter, usually drunk as an aperitif, is perfect with grilled meat because it cleanses the palate with its hint of citrus. In addition, it has a bold flavour that is not ‘lost’ when paired with strong flavours.

Tommy’s Margarita

This variation of the classic Margarita – with tequila, mezcal, agave and lime juice – goes perfectly with spicy chicken wings and pork ribs. The sweet sourness of the cocktail creates a pleasant contrast with the smokiness of the meat.


Just gin and lime cordial: this tangy, simple and fresh cocktail is the ideal choice for grilled fish or baked fish. Its delicate and aromatic flavour will not mask the hints of the dish.

Old Fashioned

With this drink we fly straight to the United States. This bourbon, sugar and Angostura cocktail is the ideal contrast for both game and roasts, thanks to its spicy flavour.

There are so many other cocktail ideas we could mention, from the fresh and fruity Sangria to the sweetness of the Hugo. The important thing though is to give different combinations a try to find the right match for your palate!

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