In a world in which news goes viral, events go social and work is more often than not competitive; no matter the ideologies, which increasingly differ one from the other and are sometimes extreme, sometimes liberal, in this world the home has become the centre of the universe (our editor’s note). Unlike the outside world, in this scenario the home is seen as a place where only good things can happen, where you feel safe, where the private sphere becomes your comfort zone. For these reasons the contents of your home become increasingly more important, they quite clearly reveal your intimate state, your ethnic choices, your passions and inclinations, your very personal philosophy of life. In other words, we communicate with our home and our home uses our voice to interact with us. How? By means of the style, forms and colours we choose, of course. Which is why talking about 2019 colour trends entails more, much more than design. Now more than ever – at least for as much as regards the last decade – colour dominates everything and is used strategically to convey emotional and perceptive balance, to relate and recycle, to remember and reaffirm.

2018-2019 autumn/winter colour trends

There’s a lot of talk about colour palettes that reflect the soul, reason, philosophy, sociology and an exceptionally conscious viewpoint on our world. We recreate in our private space that precise thing that we miss the most as a community: nature.
Foto © Muuto
The main 2018-2019 autumn/winter colour trends feature every shade of green, the colour that will dominate design in the near future with eco-friendly and very refined tones. A very wide range of shades span from brushwood to rain forests (running through aquamarine nuances), from musk to roots, from olives to cypress trees. There are also earthy shades: dark brown shades that are anything but commonplace (think lilac-brown to discover how original this colour can be!), yellows such as ochre or pumpkin, herby and spicy tones. All colours that are easy to find in nature, in elements that have something very primary about them; it looks as if design – for a moment, season or century – wants to get back to our roots. Season after season, in the world of furniture and design, this colour mood becomes a story that tells us how we are, what we want and even – perhaps – where we want to go. In the future, be natural, think green, earth, roots and passion. You will be perfect!

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